ATUM Desserant

Ever since I have arrived in Hong Kong, I have always wanted to try ATUM Desserant. I loved how their concept merges new technology and Asian flavours.

Tucked away in Causeway Bay, the restaurant was located on the 16th floor of The L Square.



The welcome drinks were icy cold strawberry juice served in test tubes.


The Menu



We opted for “Improvisation” (for 2: HK$348, for 3: HK$522)

First, we had to choose the color of our mat. The options were black, gray, and white. We chose to go with black.


The designated chef started to play with the colourful creams and pureés of cherry, coconut, and mango.


The blank canvas started to come to life as the chef added more components, such as matcha mochi, orange cream, citrus jelly, honeycomb, and more.



One of my favorite components was the nitrogen ice cream. Unlike the usual scooped up ice cream, the ice cream at ATUM was served like chunks of aerated rocks.

The flavors were strawberry and chocolate blueberry.


IMG_0155 copy.jpg

IMG_0115 copy.jpg


The ice cream was topped with strands of ginger dragon beard candy.


The dessert also came with a drink of our choice.

Iced Banana Chocolate was like a dark chocolate milk drink with hints of banana essence.


Yuzu Juice was very refreshing and had just the right amount of sweetness. This citrus drink is a must.

IMG_0151 copy.jpg

There is always something interesting to see.





I enjoyed seeing the technology and innovation of ATUM towards desserts. Flavourwise, I believe that there is still room for improvement. I expected the taste to match up to the level of the visuals.

If you are in the mood to treat yourself and experience something new, ATUM Desserant is the place for you.


ATUM Desserant

16/F, The L. Square, No. 459-461 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay


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